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Industry Overview

The amount of digital data is doubling every two years, yet less than 1% percent of that data is ever analyzed.

- MIT Technology Review

Only 15% of Fortune 500 organizations will be able to exploit big data for competitive advantage.

- Gartner Research

Only 17% of respondents believe that there are enough Data Scientists to meet the growing demand.

- 2016 Data Science Report

Fortune 1000 companies could increase their revenues by over $2 billion a year by increasing data usability by 10%.

- The University of Texas

Data Science Adoption Challenges


Enterprises capture and store a lot of data; however, most of that data is unstructured and lack context, making it useless noise rather than actionable insights.


Shortage of data scientists drive up the costs, yet most considerable expenses accrue from the amount of time it takes to train intelligent systems.


Discovering actionable insights hidden in the noise of big data requires domain expertise that most data scientist lack, negatively affecting the results.

Corporate Data Strategy

While most organizations have a digitization plan, few have an excellent corporate data strategy.

Often, context is lost during the digitization process, making it hard for Data Scientist to build machine learning applications and discover actionable insights. Logyc specializes in going beyond existing data by identifying and capturing critical missing data that affects company's business outcomes.

Logyc can help you evaluate your existing corporate data strategy or help you design a new one.

Evaluate whether you have a right infrastructure in place to create a data-driven strategy, evaluate your available data and resources (including staffing needs), and consider the limitations unique to your organization.

We work with your IT department to come up with quick wins that will have a rapid effect on your business performance and will align with your long-term corporate objectives, which will help put your data to work and lead to increased revenue and profit margins while reducing your costs.

Benefits of Data Science


Systems that can micro-segment customers and products based on thousands of unique characteristics, then match them based on relevance, enables organizations to offer exceptional customer experience, build brand loyalty and maximize profits.


Logyc builds a powerful self-learning knowledge graph that understands relationships between data, rather than statistically discovers connections. Which empowers advanced search, recommendations, predictive models, and much more.

Cost Recovery & ROI

Existing investments in AI / ML can be enhanced with new context by capturing implied knowledge, helping enterprises to cost recover; while new investments can bring high ROI right from the start with Logyc's modular integration approach.


End-to-End Visibility

End-to-End Visibility

The benefits of end-to-end visibility go far beyond real-time location combined with the historical tracking data. The benefits include increased forecasting accuracy, improved SLAs, freight charge reductions, decreased inventory on stock and even reduction in workforce.


Asset Utilization

Reducing the underutilization of assets is one of the fastest ways to improve revenue and profit margins. Being able to assess available resources accurately and then packaging them up as additional services offered to customers can bring in new revenue streams.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling

Predicting modeling go far beyond predicting demand and supply. Companies use predictive algorithms to discover optimal routes, reduce fuel consumption, reduce the impacts of market conditions, predict maintenance costs, and even to optimize labor and other resources.


Customer Support / Experience

Organizations that priorities customer-centric experience can generate higher revenues by increasing conversion rates, cross-selling and up-selling. Micro-segmentation of customers enables companies to increase customer satisfaction while generating higher revenue.

Next Generation Technology

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Logyc designed human-augmented machine learning technology to go beyond existing data and capture actionable insights hidden in the noise of Big Data while reducing the need for additional Data Scientists.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)

Logyc enables enterprises to easily keep data up-to-date with the Internet of Things devices and sensors. Reducing the need for historical data and improving the performance of predictive and forecasting models.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Improve trust and transparency by using blockchain technologies to distribute the digital ledger over a network of decentralized computers. Improving operational efficiency and reducing risks of data manipulation.

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